About Leo The Geo

The writer holds a B.A. in Human Geography from Gotland University and is one of the founders of the organisation YIMBY. He’s currently looking for a position.

The writer will try to update the site as often as he can as he’s passionate about what he writes.
Sometimes he might write one post a day, another day it might be four and sometimes he might not be able to achieve that, updating only once or twice a month.
Please bear with him.

Thank you.


  1. Hi,

    I thought I would drop by and thank-you for your support! You have liked various educational, poetic and personal posts on my blog, and it has not gone unnoticed! I will most definitely continue to support you too. Keep up your good writing!

    Sincerely Jody

  2. Hello Jody,
    I should rather thank you because you’ve proven to be an excellent poet and like many others, I’m truly enjoying your poetry. But if you insist, thank you and it’s a pleasure reading you.

    Sincerely Leo

  3. Hi Leo,

    That is so very kind of you, thank-you! I am a passionate writer and it is extremely encouraging to have outstanding supporters, such as yourself. I really do enjoy reading your work, keep it up!

    Always a pleasure,
    Sincerely Jody

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