Posted by: leothegeo | 2014/09/05

No Demand For Train Service Or How To Perpetuate The Lies

Ok, here we go again. Once again, EFE, Chile’s state owned railway enterprise is marketing their ‘new’ train projects with the help of mass media. I’m perfectly ok with that. The problem is not publicity. The problem is what they’re telling the population and how they keep on deceiving when it comes to the huge demand for an intercity line between Greater Valparaíso and Greater Santiago.
EFE Chairman Jorge Inostroza insists on telling the big lie, namely that according to him, there’s no demand for such train service.
What? Is he taking the piss out of me? Out of us? Well, he’s not cozening me.

How can he, the Chairman of EFE, a state owned railway enterprise, pretend to be serious, look into the camera lens and perpetuate lies?
I’m not gullible. I have studied these subjects for years and I refuse that they take the piss out of me.
Luckily, I’m not the only one defying his lies.

Telly host Martín Cárcamo Papic questions his ‘claims’, by saying exactly the same that I’ve been saying, namely that it cannot be true.
He goes on to say that he’s having a hard time in believing Inostroza’s claims and that if there’s not a demand, then obviously he and thousands and thousands of others are not being taken into account, as there is a demand and that he had moved a long time ago to the Fifth Region would there have been a train connecting Greater Valparaíso with Greater Santiago.

Here are some quick stats for these two agglomerations that I’ve already mentioned before:

Greater Valparaíso population is approximately 1 million people.
Greater Santiago population is approximately 6 to 7 million people.
The distance between these two areas is 120 km.

It’s not 1,200 km but 120 km. Meager 120 km. Lousy 120 km. Neither 1,200 nor 12,000 but 120 km.

Approximately 1 million people live in Greater Valparaíso. Yes, 1 million. Not 1,000 but 1 million.

Another good part of this clip is that by the end, after Cárcamo Papic, fellow hostess Tonka Tomicic Petric adds that the bus industry always has had a finger in the pie, which is completely true! Finally! Finally does a public figure in Chile say it out loud! What a relief.

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PS. Yes, there are many descendants of Croatians in Chile.


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