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“Stop China Skinning Animals Alive!”

Please, please, I urge you to read and sign these both petitions!
Apart from that, I urge you to think of when you buy something where AND how the “products” were made! Try to do your own research.




Stop China Skinning Animals Alive  – Why this is important

Dear Mr Cameron, Mr Xi Jinping and Mr Johnson,

Every year in China millions of dogs, foxes, racoons, cats and rabbits have their fur brutally and agonisingly cut and stripped from their bodies while fully conscious. Not only are their screams of agony ignored during this process but they are then thrown on the ground afterwards, a writhing mass of excruciating exposed flesh.

The sentient creature in the photo above is still alive!

This cannot and must not be allowed to continue. There is NO need for this barbaric torture. It shows humans at their very worst, greedy and heartless. China should be utterly ashamed and extremely concerned at the evil acts they are permitting their citizens to commit as common practice in this world.

I know the majority of people from most countries are appalled at this depraved practice and this petition is to show China our disapproval.

The law MUST be changed in China so all creatures have to be deceased before the skinning begins.
You will need no further convincing after googling ‘Animals skinned alive in China’ and then imagine your beloved pet in that tortured souls place.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.”




Condemn Nation with No Animal Protection Laws

Target: Chinese leader, Zhang Dejiang

Goal: Enact the China Animal Protection Law

While it is hard to fathom, China has gone much of its existence without the implementation of any animal welfare laws. Only in recent years, the nation has begun to discuss cruelty prevention for both domestic and wildlife animals. Violent cruelty to unwanted stray animals is considered acceptable in many areas. Perpetrators are not  prosecuted and their actions are not considered criminal, but instead commonplace.

A 2006 survey of Chinas factory farms showed heavy support for such practices as ear-clipping, beak-trimming, castration, tail-docking, and forced feeding. Farms also use gestation crates and battery cages, both of which are highly detrimental to the health and comfort of animals. While some locations in Europe and the US have begun phasing out the use of these cruel practices, China has voiced no such intentions.

Citizens are beginning to protest the lack of animal welfare laws in the country. Some are independently working to rescue neglected animals and pets, which are frequently stolen for their fur and meat. These animals are regularly stuffed into cages and transported on trucks for days without food, water, or the ability to move. Truck drivers reportedly toss the cages off of the truck as if they contain trash.

Conditions are unspeakable for China’s animals. Ask that Chinese legislators stop dragging their feet and enact deliberate animal welfare laws that prosecute perpetrators.


Dear Zhang Dejiang,

Animal cruelty acts in China have grown so out of hand that they are now being recognized worldwide. Although legislators have agreed to consider the issue, legislation has been ignored thus far. The China Animal Protection Law, proposed in 2009 is still waiting to be enacted into law. There is no excuse as to why this law should not be enacted immediately, as it specifies the most basic rights that are long overdue.

Citizens in China are no longer accepting the shameful lack of animal welfare laws in your nation. Many groups have begun independently saving thousands of dogs and cats bound for slaughter. In one instance, animal activists risked their lives in a clash with criminal pet smugglers that ended violently. It should be the responsibility of law enforcement and government officials to prevent this type of overt cruelty, however it hasn’t been a priority for either of these groups.

Whether or not it is a personal concern for them, Chinese lawmakers need to do as citizens are asking and make widespread changes. The nations factory farmers, pet smugglers, and industry workers needs to be educated about proper animal care and the associated punishment for animal abuse.


[Your Name Here] “




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