Posted by: leothegeo | 2014/03/30

62% Of Puma Deaths In Re-established Populations Are Caused By Humans

Pumas (Puma concolor) are gradually taking back their historic habitats. The Black Hills of  South Dakota is one of those areas, the problem is that whilst they were away their lands have been covered by concrete and human population.

“The cougar population in the Black Hills Region is unique, as it is separated by 180 km of prairie and agricultural land from the nearest breeding population,” commented Dr. David Thompson from South Dakota State University. “Yet, it is a viable population, which is safe from hunting and it has increased in recent decades through natural immigration.”

The authors behind this study, studied 31 pumas which had been captured between 1999 and 2005. During that period of 1,570 days, 12 pumas were killed and this in spite of being safe from hunting, 62% of the deaths were caused by humans in some way. On top of that, 85 dead pumas were analysed, with collisions being the most common cause of death. Other identified causes were illegal hunting and snaring.


Wiley. (2014, March 3). Humans responsible for 62% of cougar deaths in re-established populations. ScienceDaily. Retrieved 29 March, 2014 from



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