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People Of Valparaíso Took To The Streets (Text + Photographs)

Valparaíso was on Saturday 22 March marked by a multifaceted march.
Various organisers had summoned the people of Valparaíso and its surroundings to turn up and march for their rights.
Many, many were present. Animal Rights Activists, Water Rights Activists, Anti-GMO Activists, Education Activists, and so on… Take a look at the tag list for this post just to get a hint (!)

The reasons were several as you can see on these posters seen here right below:

“No more Animal Abuse!”
“No to the Dog-Hunting Law”
“Responsible Pet Ownership Law – Now!”
“We are your voice!”
“I protest for them!”

“No more Animal Abuse without sanctions!”
“No to the Dog-Hunting Law (Decreet Number 65)!” Background: Say No To The New Chilean Dog-Hunting Law!
“No to Vivisection!”
“No to Horse-Drawn Carriages (“Victorias”)!”
“No to Rodeo!”
“No to Circuses with Animals!” Background: Chilean Circus Warns Its Audience: “Beware Of Animal Rights Activists” (!)
“No to Tanneries!”
“For an Animal Protection Law!”

“Open call to defend our squares and parks.”

“It is our duty to stop such a disaster, under our streets and parks.
0.5 square metres per capita will end up killing us slowly.” Background: “Social inequality measured in metres of green spaces”

“No to underground car parks under squares and parks.”

“Let’s not let them go on making profit  from our fundamental rights. We invite you on Saturday, 22 March, to march to regain your civil rights”.

“Saturday, 22 March. Plaza Sotomayor.”

“11 a.m. March for Free Quality Education.” Background: “Chile has the most expensive higher education in the world”

“National mobilisation for the reclaim and protection of water.” Background: “Human Rights and Market Rules in Chile’s Water Conflicts: A Call for Structural Changes in Water Policy”

As you will see on these shots, it was very multifaceted and the Gods were with us as the day was sunny and quite warm.

DSCF7751 (copy)

DSCF7752 (copy)

DSCF7753 (copy)

DSCF7754 (copy)

Enough said.

DSCF7755 (copy)

DSCF7756 (copy)

DSCF7757 (copy)

DSCF7758 (copy)

DSCF7759 (copy)

  So True, so true.

DSCF7760 (copy)

DSCF7761 (copy)

DSCF7762 (copy)

DSCF7763 (copy)

DSCF7764 (copy)

Damn right!

DSCF7765 (copy)


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