Posted by: leothegeo | 2014/03/13 – Scanning The Chilean Neighbourhood / 200th Post (“My surrounding) is an interesting geography tool for Chile and has been designed with the help of Mapcity.


You just type in the name of your street or your neighbourhood in Chile, press “generar” and voilà!

Suddenly your  street/neighbourhood appears, using the Mapcity Platform, with a bounding radius.

Start scrolling and clicking and what you will get is the number of inhabitants, number of households, age ranges, marital status, gender distribution, educational level, occupational level, religious adherence, class distribution, consumption choices, quality of life, crime rate, average driving speed, etc…

It’s really a great tool, especially if you’re planning to move to Chile.

…And this was my 200th post. Thank you to all of you 87 followers for faithfully following and inspiring me!


¡Muchas gracias a todos ustedes/vosotros!



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