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In An Impoverished Italy, Italians Are Starting To Adopt Local Children

Milan based charity “Aiutare i Bambini” (Help the Children) reveals how in the past six months, 400 local children have been “adopted” by concerned fellow citizens who want to make sure that poverty-stricken children will have enough food and have a place in a nursery.

The initiative came last year when the charity came up with the idea of helping destitute babies, destitute babies in Italy.
Babies of their own country. The group’s spokesman Alex Gusella said: “Unfortunately Italy is one of the European countries in which levels of child poverty are highest.”
The charity has created ties to seven nurseries in Italy, where patrons will be able to support a child, aged from six months to three years old. Through this way, nursery fees are paid and the child is fed appropriately.

To those who have swallowed the media image of glamourous Italy, will relate the country to fine dining, catwalks, romance and haute couture but those who have been to the country, know that it always has had a high poverty rate, a poverty which easily can be seen in the countryside or in any town. Youth employment rate has reached 40% and only 50.5% of Italian women work.

Italian government published very recently figures showing that one Italian household in four faces serious financial hardships. The report, called “Noi Italia”, shows how in 2012, 24.9% of Italian households were in a situation of impoverishment.

To “fit” into that category you’ve had to have problems in paying back your loans and you’ve had to have difficulties in affording a meal rich in proteins at least once every two days.

According to Unicef Italia, the situation is frightening as it’s not improving.

Action is necessary.


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