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Economist Rodney Shakespeare: “There Is A Total Lack Of Concern For The Poor People In Europe””

Economist Rodney Shakespeare told Press TV that there is a “total lack of concern for the poor people in Europe.”
He told this at the same time that European governments are mismanaging the current economic crisis.

Shakespeare, a Professor of Binary Economics, said the following:

“The [politico-economic] system actually puts its money into bankrupt banks and into rising asset prices – share prices and housing prices – and does not put the money into the creation of productive capacity and into jobs.”


“At the same time, there is a total lack of concern now for the poor people… throughout the European community.”

This came as a reaction to a recent report revealed by The Guardian telling of over 3.4 million vacant houses – and that’s only in Spain (!)
After Spain come France and Italy, with each having about 2m empty houses (!)
Germany has 1.8 million empty houses and the UK contributes with other 700,000 empty dwellings.

Shakespeare added in reference to the report:
“This is a shocking indictment of the way the system works – or rather, does not work.”


“These houses must be put onto the market – must be forced onto the market. At the same time, we must open up the European Central bank for an interest-free supply to build more houses for people.”

As stated in European Union statistics, there are at present about 4.1 million homeless people across Europe (!)

The vast majority of Europe’s countries fell into a financial crisis in 2008 and ever since then, the exacerbating crisis has forced EU governments to impose pitiless measures and truculent economic reforms on its own citizens, resulting in citizen-lead protests and a neverending suffering.



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