Posted by: leothegeo | 2014/03/10

453 Homeless People Died Last Year In France

At least 453 homeless people died last year on French streets, this according to a group that works for the cause of the homeless in France.

Following the estimates of deaths, the charity organisation “Les Morts de la Rue” (The Dead in the Streets) asked the following question in a statement: “Did their lives have to end that way?”The organisation also announced a remembrance ceremony to be held in Paris on 18 March. The group’s previous report, in 2012, had recorded 439 deaths but the list is not complete as data is “only” collected from charities, emergency services, funeral homes, hospitals, police, social workers and town halls.

Here’s what we can gather from the recorded facts:

Average age is ca 50, whilst life expectancy in France is 81.5 years.
The 2012 report had also estimated that 91.8% of the fatalities were of masculine sex.




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