Posted by: leothegeo | 2014/02/21

HSR To Copenhagen Airport Or A Quick Look At Northern Europe

According to Copenhagen Airport Kastrup‘s chief executive Thomas Woldbye, the airport might expand and this could include a new station meant for high-speed rail.

Regarding a 25-year masterplan, Woldbye mentioned that a high-speed railway station could transport travellers from Hamburg and Oslo to the airport. The airport is considering to double its annual passenger numbers, reaching 40 million passengers a year.



If we take a look at this Google Maps screenshot (see below), it becomes very obvious that the city of Copenhagen is located on a strategic place, right there in the middle of northern Europe.

It sits right there between Oslo, capital of Norway, with a population of approximately 1.1 million people in its metropolitan region, and Hamburg which is the great metropolis of northern Germany with approximately 5 million people in its metropolitan region.


According to Air Miles Calculator, these are the following distances from Hamburg and Oslo respectively to Copenhagen:
734 km
517 km

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is indeed an important city in northern Europe, but unfortunately it has the disadvantage of being located quite ‘off the map’, sitting on the comparatively desolate shores of the Baltic Sea and almost in northeastern Europe which is a remote and isolated corner of the Old Continent. Even more isolated, sparsely populated and worse off is Helsinki, the capital of Finland.



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