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China: Illegal Shark Slaughterhouse Busted

It was discovered that a factory in China’s Zhejiang Province has been killing over 600 whale sharks annually and exporting shark products. Internationally protected species such as basking sharks, great white sharks and whale sharks have been butchered.

Fins and meat were sold to restaurants while skins were sold to make leather. Shark oil, which is obtained from the animal’s liver, has been used in lipstick, Omega-3 dietary supplements and skincare products.

Those who busted the factory are investigators from the conservation organisation Wild Life Risk and filmmakers from the Oceanic Preservation Society. They showed up during three years posing as an international seafood company, as they thought this would make them gain access to the factory (which indeed, happened). Luckily enough, they did obtain oil samples which they could DNA test, confirming the presence of these aforementioned internationally protected species.

The owner and general manager o the factory is Mr. Li Guang.
The name of the factory is ‘China Wenzhou Yueqing Marine Organisms Health Protection Foods Co Ltd.’.

Guang admits selling shark liver oil as “fish liver oil” and selling whale shark skin.

Please, read their statement here.

China Whale Sharks from WildLifeRisk on Vimeo.

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