Posted by: leothegeo | 2014/02/05

Do You Know These Brands? Sorry, I Meant Plants

How come that in this day and age, most us can identify brands? Brands?
Yes, brands.

That artificial thing which will help us…? In what way…? Did we ever need them before most us, and I’m guessing, just happened to stumble upon through ads…?

What about plants then?


Plants and other organisms use a process called “Photosynthesis” to transform light energy into chemical energy.
Carbohydrate molecules in plants store the chemical energy. Some of these carbohydrate molecules are sugars, which in turn are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen is generally liberated as a waste product.

We need oxygen to breathe. We need to breathe in order to live. To exist.

Plants also feed (food), cure (medicine) and shelter us (building materials).

Brands then?

Well, you tell me.



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