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Dogs In Brazil Is In Need Of Funds. Help Them, Please.

A while ago, 28 November 2013 to be more precise, I told you about married couple, Jan and Carlos’ project called ‘Dogs in Brazil’. They moved to the giant of the southern hemisphere more than 10 years ago to look after Carlos’ ailing mother. While in Brazil, they noticed the large amount of street dogs, dogs that were in dire need of help. That’s how it all started.
Back in November 2013 they had rescued 36 dogs. The family has grown since then and it now consists of 39 dogs – and Jan and Carlos, of course.

They’re always in the need of help and here’s their latest update and the reason to why I’m writing about them again:

“Here is the news today. I haven’t any other way of putting it but tell it like it is. We will be starting a search for somewhere else to set up tomorrow. We believe that the owners moved to Rio and just don’t like it which is why they have pitched this absurd price. We may be wrong but three agents put it at 200,000 or just under. here is the message I sent Raili earlier on as she is running the house project and needs to know what is going on. It is heartbreaking but I am convincing myself something better will come of it. The work on the kennel project all for just a few months. They want us out by July. My first reaction was anger and I wanted to cry. Now I think it’s for the best. It’s the only way we can cope with this news. If we don’t buy a place we will be constantly moved on. Carlos is going to see other places tomorrow. We will find somewhere and hopefully rise the funds to buy. The alternatives with 39 dogs are unthinkable, so lets not think them. here is the news.

We found out today why there is a silence so far on the question of price for this house. The Agent called us and said they want us to leave. The agent said they cannot do that until July when presumably they will have to give us the 90 days notice in July and not before. They have put the house on the market for 370,000 and they told the agent they have three people interested to see the place. We have no obligation legally to show the place to anyone until July and the agent told them I can’t show the place to anyone for you until July. I feel quite sick. I really don’t believe they will get that but who knows, so we are now looking for somewhere else. He is a colonel in the army and thinks he is above the law. Carlos thinks he may send people to threaten us to speed up our exit as he is desperate for money. The agent hates him. Sigh! One big problem. I wouldn’t pay his asking price because it’s absurd. There are other places better than this or at least equal for 200,000.”

Please, help them if you can and remember what they wrote on their website:

“We hope with education and support more people in Brazil will adopt unwanted dog”.



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