Posted by: leothegeo | 2013/12/05

Joe The Barber Gives Free Haircuts To Homeless, Wants Only Hugs In Return

82-year-old Joe Cymerys in Hartford, Connecticut, gives free haircuts to the city’s homeless. He sets up shop in Bushnell Park and he does it every Wednesday. What does he want in return? Just a hug, that’s all. Just a hug.

He used to be a real estate investor but has retired from business. He noticed 25 years ago that people were in need and that’s when he decided that something had to be done. He had to help.

He not only gives free haircuts, he also offers free scalp massages and free moisturising aftershave.

“They really are my family”, says Joe in the first video clip.
I have to agree. Helping makes you get closer to fellow living beings and helping is receiving. To feel in your heart that you’re helping out, is priceless to say the least.



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