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Violent Storm Hit Eastern Argentina

A powerful storm system which could have included at least 1 tornado, hit the eastern parts of Argentina on December 2.
Wind, rain, hail and possibly also a tornado with winds of up to 140 km/h scourged the provinces of Buenos Aires and Córdoba.
At least one person was killed and damage was widespread. Roofs were ripped from homes, trees fell, vehicles were crushed and homes and trains were left without power.

In the town of Lomas de Zamora, a building under construction crumbled, which resulted in the death of a worker. A McDonald’s billboard also crushed two cars that were parked.

In Chivilcoy, a tornado with winds of up to 140 km/h, razed the town. Once again, roofs were ripped from homes. Several families ended up with severely damaged homes. People were injured but luckily, nobody was killed.
“It looks like a bombarded town with damage everywhere”, said mayor Aníbal Pittelli.

The nation’s minister of security, Sergio Berni, arrived to supervise the provided aid to the victims. Gendarmes were sent to Chivilcoy, Quilmes, Avellaneda, Merlo, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora and Almirante Brown.

In Marcos Paz, gendarmes and members of the GER (Grupo Especial de Rescate), the Special Rescue Team, were working in the most affected zones.

The town of Berisso saw roofs ripped from homes and 80% of its residents were left without power. Trees fell and power poles and a transformer were damaged.

60% of the town of Ensenada was left without electricity due to the strong winds and rain that battered it.

Ituzaingó and Moreno, suffered from strong hail and rain storms and in the city of Buenos Aires, trees fell on vehicles along the Costanera. On the Roca line, service was interrupted.



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