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Animales Sin Hogar (Animals Without A Home)

Image Source: Animales Sin Hogar Online Shop (Facebook)

 Abandoning an animal is a crime. Indeed it is.

Animales Sin Hogar (Animals Without A Home) is a Uruguayan non profit civil organisation with legal status (9985) whose team is exclusively made up of volunteers. The organisation had a goal in mind when it was created, namely to make a national database of animals who were for adoption or who were lost and found, and also to support animal welfare societies. The people of ASH felt sad when they faced the reality that many animal welfare societies were experiencing, a reality where they couldn’t shelter more animals. They were also feeling sad because requests for help to animals in terrible conditions kept coming all the time and they couldn’t muster.

Today, ASH takes care of 372 dogs, 180 cats, 175 horses and many  ‘farm animals’ (pigs, cows, etc). There are in total 750 animals that ASH is in charge of.

All animals at the ranch are healthy. they are free ranging and everybody has its own sleeping place. They get nutritious food and their places are cleaned on a daily basis. Veterinarians also stop by to help out, give them vaccines, neuter, and so forth.

For more information on Animales Sin Hogar, click here.

Foster an animal.

Animales Sin Hogar (Facebook Page)

Recently, Animales Sin Hogar celebrated ten years of existence.



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