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The Buenos Aires ‘Subte’ Celebrated Its Centenary

The Buenos Aires Subte celebrated yesterday its centenary!
When inaugurated, back in 1913, it was the very first subterranean mass transit system to be built in Latin America and in the Spanish speaking world! This was before WWI and long before the majority of European cities had something similar, imagine that! It was and still is, in some way or another, part of the Latin American cultural patrimony.
Today, the reality is very different. After many years of terrible decay it is slowly recovering. But it’s still very rundown, quite dirty and gangs sometimes run rampant at night, destroying carriages and stations. I truly hope the current or future authorities step up and seriously take a hard line because this can’t go on. The Subte is a gem and needs to be polished.


Until recently, these Brugeoise carriages were still rolling on Line A.

Author: Gonzalo Ciarleglio/Creative Commons/Wikipedia

Author: ALE!/Creative Commons/Wikipedia

Watch this mini documentary and take part of the history of the Subte:



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