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Let’s Stop Shark Finning In New Zealand

We have to say no to shark finning in New Zealand. It’s already illegal in New Zealand to cut fins off live sharks but killing them to get hold of their fins isn’t. It’s important that New Zealand joins the club of close to one hundred countries around the world that have already taken a stance against shark finning. On November 10, the Government of New Zealand released a proposal, which would enable to make shark finning illegal within three years. At the moment it’s merely a proposal and would it get adopted, sharks in New Zealand could still be finned and killed until 2016. That’s why it’s important to use the following form to make an official submission and tell the Government of New Zealand that you have taken a stance for banning shark finning in New Zealand waters, that the ban must follow the best international standards and that you need it to be applied at once.

“*The Convention on Migratory Species advises that legislation should require sharks be brought ashore whole, with their fins still naturally attached.

Draft National Plan of Action Sharks 2013 (PDF)

MPI Factsheet  and background info can be found here


Note, all submissions must be received by MPI by Sunday 8th December 2013

Or if you wish to write you own submission see below:
Rather than use our online submission template you may instead wish to write your own. Here is some more information on how to create and submit your own personalised submission: NZSA submission guide 2013
Once written you can email or post to The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)
Post to:
Fisheries Management
Ministry for Primary Industries
P O Box 2526
Wellington 6140″

For more information on this campaign, please click here.



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