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‘Dogs in Brazil’

If you care for animals, which I hope you do, then you should visit ‘Dogs in Brazil’.
I happened to stumble upon their page while looking for information on abandoned animals.

What or should I rather ask, who are ‘Dogs in Brazil’?

The family consists of wife and husband, Jan and Carlos, who rescue street dogs from the streets of Brazil.
It all began more than 10 years ago when they moved to Brazil to look after Carlos’ mother who was ill. They noticed that while they were moving to a place to make a permanent home, they saw a dog in traffic that was in dire need of help. They felt that they had to save him, and that’s how it all started.

Jan and Carlos currently live together with 36 furry friends and they hope to find new homes for dogs they save but they’re having a hard time in finding people who would like to become part of their family.
I would suggest you get in touch with them if you’re reading this and you know deep  in your heart that you’re a person who truly loves animals. I guess it would be a plus if you live in Brazil or if you are planning to visit that country, nevertheless I reckon that any help will be received with open arms.

They are a registered charity and they receive no government funding.

This is what they write on their website:

“We hope with education and support more people in Brazil will adopt unwanted dog”.

I couldn’t agree more.

According to them, there are 32 million dogs in Brazil and 80% of all dogs in Brazil are Street Dogs. (1)
That makes you think even more.

How to find and contact them?

Dogs in Brazil (Website)
Dogs in Brazil (Facebook Page)
Their Online Supporter Shop
Sending Carepackages to them
Already written stories about them

Their Story (The Full Version)

(1). Answers received after a very quick, sudden and short online interview.
Updated 2013/11/28:
———————————————————————————————————————————————————-“(Assist. Larisa) DIB is in dire need of donations. Funds are running low and costs continue.Medical attention for the dogs are required as well as surgeries. Your donations are the only thing keeping DIB running. Please donate today.
Please don’t forget to vote today


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