Posted by: leothegeo | 2013/11/26

The HydroBee™- A Portable Water Powered Charger

The Hydrobee™ is an off-grid personal charger which works as a mini hydropower turbine. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB 2.0 port. What do you need to charge it? Well, since it works as a hydropower turbine you need flowing water, for instance, a nearby stream, river or waterfall. Batteries get charged when water flows through the turbine.
The HydroBee Social Purpose Corporation was founded by Burt Hamner from Seattle, Washington.

From Kickstarter:

There are over 700 million people who live without reliable electricity in developing countries and yet have mobile phones.  They spend over $20 billion a year buying phone charges from local vendors with car batteries.  With your help, millions of people will be able to charge their phones with free energy from nature and have better lives.”

We’re dedicated to ethical manufacturing.

We hope to make millions of Hydrobees, and we realize that will have a significant environmental impact.  We are partnering with Infinitum Humanitarian Systems / Innovatio, an organization that specializes in the fast development of humanitarian technologies, and promotes socially responsible manufacturing with their Mexican partners. They are helping us design for environmental protection, minimize manufacturing risk and ensure worker safety.  We are visiting the factories to meet the local factory operators and see their operations, and following published guidelines like the UN Global Compact for responsible manufacturing.

Not only will our manufacturing centers be located in Northern Mexico, but Mexico is also an important market for Hydrobee. Over 5 million people in 74,000 villages live without electric power. Many of these villages are located in Southern Mexico, in mountainous areas that receive a great deal of rain flowing fast downhill, ideal for Hydrobee. ”



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