Posted by: leothegeo | 2013/11/25

Wintry November Storm Ravages Western USA

A violent storm system has claimed 13 lives in western USA during this past weekend.

It began on Thursday, in the Southwest and it’s still alive, now advancing eastwards. According to AAA, there were 43 million people who were expecting to travel 50 miles (~80 km) or more for the Thanksgiving holiday. Of those 43 million, only 3 million will be able to reach their final destinations. In many mountain regions of Colorado and Utah, more than a foot of snow (~31 cm) had fallen.

Even parts of Arizona had received snow, Flagstaff got 6 inches (~15 cm) of snow since Thursday night. New Mexico experienced below zero temperatures and wet weather, creating hazardous driving conditions which led to many roads being closed. A 4-year old girl was killed in NM in a rollover accident caused by icy roads. Strong winds were also reported there. In the Texas Panhandle three people were killed when a storm-related crash that involved nearly a dozen vehicles, occurred. This took place on Saturday. Four people were killed in storm-related crashes in Oklahoma. Willie Nelson’s tour had to be postponed after three members of his band were injured when bad weather caused their tour bus to smash into a bridge pillar in northeast Texas. Utility suppliers claimed on Sunday that over 11,000 people were without electricity in western Texas.

So far, 13 people have died due to storm-related accidents. One in Arizona, three in California, one in New Mexico, four in Oklahoma and four in Texas.

The storm system is now moving eastwards, where it’s expected to dump rain and snow along the Eastern Seaboard.



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