Posted by: leothegeo | 2013/11/25

2.5 Billion People Lack Access To Private Toilets

San Francisco-based nonprofit project Lava Mae wanted on November 19 (World Toilet Day) to raise awareness about the situation of 2.5 billion people across this planet, people who lack access to clean, private toilets. The public art installation was named “C’mon, Give a Sh#t!” and it was displayed on the streets of San Francisco during World Toilet Day.

The founder of Lava Mae, Doniece Sandoval, decided to invite three artists and three designers.

Here’s some of what they brought forth:

Creation: “This toilet ain’t baroque” by Maloos Anvarian

Creation: “Reading Material” by Brett Terpeluk

Creation: “Comfurt” by Ana Teresa Fernández

Creation: “George Jennings” by Travis Somerville

All of these pictures can be found on “Lava Mae: World Toilet Day”.

More pictures can also be found here:

Lava Mae has previously become famous for retrofitting public buses into mobile showers for the homeless, which I personally think is an excellent initiative and should be copied elsewhere!

It’s really incomprehensible how 2.5 billion out of 7 billion people, lack access to clean, private toilets.
At the same time, there are too many people who waste water, which is such a precious natural resource.

Speaking of which…

“25 ways to conserve water in the home and yard”.

But I reckon it is the same as with everything else, many come to appreciate things for what they are/were only when they’re gone, but then it’s too late. All too late. That’s sad.




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