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Cuiabá/Várzea Grande LRT

The Brazilian state Mato Grosso’s capital Cuiabá forms a metropolitan area together with Várzea Grande, Santo Antônio do Leverger and Nossa Senhora do Livramento. Together they attain a population of approximately 850,000 inhabitants.

They have been building since 2012 the Cuiabá/Várzea Grande LRT, which is scheduled for opening in 2014 just in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The network is going to become 22,2 km long, have 33 stops and consist of 2 lines, of which one of them will reach the airport.

The rolling stock is being built by CAF (Urbos 3 trams).

A couple of days ago the first trams started arriving:

The project:



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