Posted by: leothegeo | 2013/11/07

Commuting In Caracas

Some things come to my mind when I see these clips:

A) There must be a huge lack of mass transit in this area. B) There’s an absence of a culture of manners. C) Both A and B.

Either way, this is not the way to go. Survival of the fittest, no thank you.

Come on, there must be a way to improve things, instead of jumping on each other’s heads.

Greater Caracas with approximately 5,1 million inhabitants has an underground service which is 54,02 km long and a commuter rail service which is 9,5 km long. The commuter rail is called “Metro Los Teques” but is actually a commuter rail and not a proper tube. There’s also a feeder bus service (Metrobus) with all in all 29 routes and another fleet of articulated buses called BusCaracas. The feeder bus fleet consists of 220 units (buses) and the BusCaracas fleet of 30 buses (!) – if Wikipedia is right, that is. I personally think that the underground network is too small, the commuter rail network is ridiculously small considering the enormous size of Greater Caracas and the bus fleet is simply not big enough.
There’s also an ‘informal mass transit’ which is made up of jeeps that take people from one point to another.
No wonder all the chaos. However, and call me wrong if you want, but I still don’t think that justifies the extremely wild behaviour seen on those clips.

Metro de Caracas.

I hope things improve soon. Very soon.



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