Posted by: leothegeo | 2011/04/05

Tampere May Have a Tramway Line in 2015

According to the Finnish newspaper Vasabladet, the Finnish town of Tampere may have a tramway line in 2015. A tramway project has taken a step forward into its realisation. Various alternative stretches have been studied and a preliminary decision has been taken to construct a line between the suburb of Hervanta and the centre of Tampere.

Further studies will be conducted during the summer of 2011. What seems to be crucial for the urban planners is that the line passes by the local University Hospital.

Building the line would cost 180 million € while it would cost 30 million € to acquire the rolling stock.

If the project is finally approved by the town council and if  financing is also arranged the construction may start no sooner than 2015.

If everything goes as planned, Tampere might get an additional three or four tramway lines in the future.



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