Posted by: leothegeo | 2011/04/05

…Now Gets Support from the Moderate Party!

Do you remember yesterday’s story about the Green Party in Örebro wanting trams to be introduced in the town?

Guess what? They now receive support from the Moderate Party in Örebro who are also positive to tramways. Henrik Elamsson who’s the party’s local spokesperson for issues regarding built environment said that they today received a study about a potential line going between the University and the neighbourhood of Vivalla. According to him, the study’s results show that a tram could have positive effects for the municipality and the fellow citizens of Örebro.

I really hope they take this at least one step further into the future and not just leave it to rest under a thick layer of dust on some godforsaken shelf in a rarely visited utility room.  The tradition within Swedish planning policy when it comes to tramways is usually and unfortunately, studies after studies and then – the ‘good ole’ shelf.



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