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The 11/3 Earthquake: 100,000 Children Displaced in Japan

Alarming figures come in the very last minute from Save The Children UK about the fact that estimatedly up to 100,000 children have been displaced due to the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami, which both took place on March 11th.

Stephen McDonald, leader of Save the Children UK’s response in Japan: “We are extremely anxious that up to 100,000 children have been displaced because of the earthquake and tsunami.

“Their homes may have been destroyed and many of them will be sheltering in crowded evacuation centres. We can only imagine how frightening the experience of the last few days will have been for them.

“There is also a risk that some of them will have become separated from their parents and family members because of the disaster. It is important we provide support to parents and children who are struggling to cope in the aftermath of the disaster.”

Please, help! ! !

You can help here , here and search for yourself on the web for more places where to contribute with help!

A girl's shoe found in the debris after the massive earthquake that shook Japan




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