Posted by: leothegeo | 2011/03/09

Swedish Green Party Wants to Remove Turnstiles

Yvonne Blombäck, the Spokesperson on Transit Politics of the Swedish Green Party has declared that turnstiles are a wrong way to ensure revenues for SL. The Swedish Green Party wants to “open the turnstiles”, in other terms- remove them.

She  goes on to claim that the high turnstiles which are to be found in the Stockholm underground, worsen accessibility for people with functional disabilities, for people that travel with children and for people that e.g. carry shopping bags with them. According to her, removing the turnstiles in the Stockholm underground would make SL more welcoming, which in turn would make more people want to choose to travel with SL.

What is your opinion?

It has worked e.g. in German cities (as seen in this picture from a Berlin station) where you just punch your ticket in tiny machines located in the open ticket hall, but could it also work in Stockholm?

SL is the mass transit authority for the Stockholm county.


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