Posted by: leothegeo | 2011/03/08

Japan Prepared to Pay Half of California’s High-Speed Rail Costs

The government of Japan is willing to pay half of California’s high-speed rail costs.

California High Speed Rail

Source of the image: California Beat

As we all know, Japan was and still is synonymous to high-speed rail. When someone says the word “Japan” many come to think of high population density, high standard of living,  robots, sushi, anime, manga, etc… And high-speed rail.

It’s Japan’s ambassador to the United States, Ichiro Fujisaki, that earlier this year wrote about his country’s willingness to pay half of the California HSR bill. This is according to the California High-Speed Rail Blog.

Many countries and companies are offering and have already offered their help to the authorities but I fear that time is running out. How much longer will the Californians have to wait for?



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